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Weigh-in Wednesday May 29, 2013- I’m baaaack!!!


I had a feeling… That tonight was going to be a good night… That tonight was going to be a good good night…. Ok, ok.. enough of that. Tonight… I went to my WW meeting, and had absolutely no expectations as far as how much I had lost or.. dare I say it… gained… Last […]

I’m Not Giving Up- Weigh-In Wednesday 5/22/2013


I just want to start off by saying that I LOVE ALL OF YOU! So, I went to my WW meeting last night. I had a positive mind, thinking that I’d have lost at least 1-2 pounds, especially since the last two meetings when I thought I didn’t lose anything, I lost 2 & 3.8 […]

Here I Go Again.. but this time.. It’s GOING to be DIFFERENT


Ok.. Ok.. I know.. I’ve said it before… I’m going to work on losing weight, blah blah blah.. I’ve started and then stopped and then started and stopped again. It’s always been something “I’ll get to when I can”.. but it’s never been that major push/priority. I figured I was eating well. I wasn’t eating […]

My new weight loss journey


I’m done, absolutely done. I’m totally done with being over weight. I’ve tried so many things…. and none of them have worked. Well… mostly because it’s been my fault. I haven’t kept up with what I really should have. I got bored, I got lazy, and I just gave up. Over the last couple of […]

Here I go again..

Neglecting my poor personal blog.. It goes in waves… Lots of thoughts… and then none.. well, not that I can publish anyway.. oh wait.. this is my personal blog. I can say whatever the hellI want! WOOHOO!!! ok.. calm down now.. So I started off with my post about the Food Revolution early last week. […]