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The Disney Princess Half Marathon Mommy Brain Style (Part 1)


If you’ve been following my Facebook and Twitter streams, you’ve probably heard that I had signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon a few months back. I had every intention of training for this thing… and of course, life got in the way and I didn’t do as much training as I wished I […]

Spongebob? Not in my house!


“Watching just a short bit of the wildly popular kids TV show “SpongeBob SquarePants” has been known to give many parents headaches. Psychologists have now found that a brief exposure to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and the rest of the crew also appears to dampen preschoolers’ brain power.” That’s a quote from an article in the Los Angeles Times […]

Please Vote for Me!

This past BlogHer, I was given the opportunity to be interviewed for Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act. I didn’t realize that it also meant that I would be entered into their  Top Blogger TV Contest! What an awesome surprise! But here’s where I need you! I don’t normally participate in things like this, but…. If […]

Texting While Driving- Is this too much?

A friend of mine back home alerted me to a news story on that I found extremely interesting… They’re talking about a new video that’s being show in the UK that is supposed to shock teens into driving safely and not text while behind the wheel… Here’s a link to the story… and the […]

Mommy Brain Reports is part of Eleven Moms!

  Just this week, Mommy Brain Reports has been awarded the honor of being a part of’s Money Saving Moms! My profile and links will be up on in the next week or so, but the work has already started!  I’m going to be  making videos and showing my readers more and more […]

Sooooo.. I’m going to be on TV!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I came across the blog Sacramento Snapshots, written by Julissa Ortiz of Good Day Sacramento. I looked around, checked out her site, and left her a couple of comments… Well, she wrote back to me! She invited me to be on GDS with her, promoting my review blog! Ho-ly cow! […]