My new weight loss journey


I’m done, absolutely done.

I’m totally done with being over weight.

I’ve tried so many things…. and none of them have worked. Well… mostly because it’s been my fault. I haven’t kept up with what I really should have. I got bored, I got lazy, and I just gave up.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been worried. I actually went to a doctor to make sure the problems I was having had nothing to to with my weight, and he confirmed that my arm numbness had more to do with stress and pinching a nerve than anything else… But… It really freaked me out. I can’t have these things happening to me, and causing even more anxiety… I decided once and for all that I was going to make changes.

Last week, I spoke with a nutritionist, and was given all the info I need to get my body started. I was told to write down everything I eat, at least 3 times a week, to do weights 4x a week and cardio every day… Well… I’m doing great on the food part… The exercise part… not so much. I’m so caught up in work, that I haven’t done my exercise… and it’s totally my fault. I need to make more efforts on that.

Keeping a food journal has been very eye opening. I never realized how many calories I actually took in. I didn’t think I was eating badly, and I probably wasn’t… but I was eating too much. Yes.. There is truth to the statement “too much of a good thing”.

On Monday, July 23, 2012, hubby and I started keeping our food journal and wow. It has changed a lot about how and what we eat. I found myself making decisions I never would’ve considered before. For example, at lunch yesterday, I actually thought about having 2 or 4 tortillas… I made tacos, and I could’ve made 4, but instead, I gave up 2 tortillas, and just ate the filling with a fork to save myself 90 calories. It has been crazy! I never would’ve given it a second thought before I started writing it all down.

I have been going to bed hungry, but that’s good. I’m catching myself when I think about snacking, and making a┬áconscious choice not to.

I do hope that this is just the beginning of a life long change. I have a goal.. I want to lose at least 80 pounds… It will happen.

Join me for the journey?

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