My Fate Has Been Sealed


So, I have a little confession. It’s a small one.. Some of you who know me well already know this little secret of mine. Others.. Well, I guess you’re about to.. Are you ready for this? No, seriously, are you sitting down? Ok… *deep breath*

I’ve NEVER seen the STAR WARS movies… Not all of them… and not even a whole one… 

I’ve seen bits and pieces as I walk by my hubby and children glued to them… but I never really pay attention. (I know, I’ve totally just lost my cool points with some of you)

Anyway.. I know it’s a classic.. and you have to have it in some form or another. I bought the VHS for the original trilogy for my Dad when it first came out… Then someone had the bright idea to make 3 more movies… and then DVDs came out and now BluRay… Well.. Being the awesome wife and mother that I am, I saw that Walmart was taking Pre-orders for the Star Wars Complete Saga on Blu Ray.. for $79.99.. and so, I did it.. I pre-ordered it…

… and it just arrived via FedEx…

I have a feeling that sometime in the near future, I’m gonna be given the little puppy dog eyes and the “MOMMY… PLEASE watch it with us!!!” from the girls… I will have no escape… no excuses to get away… except possibly a bathroom break every now and then.

But, being the awesome wife and mommy that I am, I will suck it up. I will brave the ..ahem.. um.. couch… and sit and watch Star Wars with my family.. I just have two questions… Who’s coming to save me, and who’s bringing the pizza & popcorn???

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